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Module 1: First Action Steps
  • Intro to the Basics & Fundamentals
  • How to Find Top Lenders
  • Loan Program Qualification
  • 6-7 Figure Leverage Tools
  • Loan Limitations & How to Beat Them
  • Scale Through LLC Lending
Module 2: Build A System
  • Full Breakdown of Our Investing Strategy
  • Cashflow & Appreciation Targeting
  • Business Formation & Delegation
  • Market Identification & Financials + Tenant Dynamics
  • How to Work With Agents Who Win
  • Creating Processes to Execute
Module 3: Analysis & Evaluation
  • Setting Your Criteria
  • Asset Types & Yield Requirement
  • Size, Class, Price, & Area
  • Neighborhood Discovery & Criteria
  • Our Own Analysis Tools & Calculators
  • Execution & Decision Making
Module 4: Negotiation & Deal Closing
  • Strategies & Scripts
  • Resources & Tools That Convert
  • Qualifying Deals
  • Seller Financing & Concessions
  • Contingencies & Clauses
Module 5: Property Management
  • Tenant Screening & Qualification
  • Interviewing A Manager
  • Management of The Manager
  • Creating Passive Systems
  • Avoiding Evictions & Problem Tenants
  • Finding 5+ Year Tenants
Module 6: Scaling
  • Lines of Credit, Equity, Private Funding
  • Relationship With Lending
  • Exponential Acquisitions
  • Network Bias For Lead Generation
  • Cashflow & Appreciation Growth
  • Refinancing & Rate Changes
Module 7: Due Diligence
  • Full Breakdown of Our Criteria & Requirements
  • Inspector Interview
  • Never Buy A Bad Deal
  • 5 Core Red Flags With A Building
  • Physical, Financial & Legal Procedures
  • Re-negotiation & Leverage
You’re Ready.
  • Knowledge Application & Execution
  • Wealth Creation
What Will I Learn?
  • Step by step how to find and purchase real estate that will cashflow and build you wealth.
  • Exactly how to get the right funding and how to team up with industry professionals.
  • How to completely analyze deals to ensure profits!
  • How to use real estate to generate passive income and wealth for life, without having to be a landlord!
  • You will learn my investing system for buying cashflow positive real estate and building a portfolio.
  • This system allowed me to retire from my 9-5 in my 20’s and bring in over $10k/month from cashflow.
How Long Until I See Results?
  • That depends on how soon you take action on what you learn. It’s common to see students start closing on a rental within 60 days of taking this course.
  • In some cases you can completely change your life in 12 months.
  • But if you do nothing, you won’t see those types of results.
Do I Get Lifetime Access?
  • Absolutely you do. You can access the content for as long as you like with no extra charge.
  • Additional and updated content included!
Does This Apply For Multiple Countries?
  • The principles of rental properties and investing are the same regardless of your country. Some specifics may vary slightly, but the strategies and principles can be applied anywhere!
I’m Not Investment Savvy, Can I Really Do This?

You DO NOT need to be real estate investing savvy to get started in the business. Believe it or not, I WASN’T when I started! I’M here to teach you how to take advantage of the best wealth building opportunities with investing, and to walk you through each step. Don’t let this hold you back, I’VE seen all walks of life succeed in this arena – from 20-30 somethings like ME, to 60 year old retirees who’ve never invested before! The only thing that sets the successful apart is their belief that THEY CAN. Remember ‘you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great’.

Do You Offer Refunds?

I am 100% committed to seeing my students succeed. I don’t take your decision to train with me lightly and this platform is literally the result of me filling the gaps in this space, to drastically increase the success rate. Having said that, your success ultimately comes down to you.  I can’t do the work for you and I can’t force you to transition into the headspace required for a successful thriving rental business. No results are guaranteed BUT I am here to give you everything you need to build the life of your dreams. This package has the potential to change your life on SO many levels (ask my students!), if you let it. Please take the time to make an informed, responsible decision as I don’t offer refunds (in saying that – please reach out to me directly if you have issues with the content, and I will do everything in my power to steer you in the right direction towards success!

Should I wait until I know my exact investing strategy to start with you?

No. I’ll teach you how to find the best strategy, find professional team members, and how to analyze deals to completion. You’ll have instant access to my training (which means you could quite literally find your winning strategy and start deal hunting with me by tomorrow, so don’t wait!)

How Do I Access The Course Materials & Can I Do This At My Own Pace?

All of the course materials are available through access link. This is self-paced learning, no-one’s going to be breathing down your neck BUT you’ll need to keep yourself motivated to move forwards.

You Seem Nice, But Why Should I Trust You?

I am a real, down to earth guy who is passionate about teaching others how to really do this real estate thing. I built my 7 figure portfolio in just 3 years (while traveling around Australia with my wife!) so I know how amazing life can be when you change how you earn. I genuinely want to see as many people as possible experience this shift. If I can, you can (and I’m here to make sure you do!)

What Kind Of Support Will I Get?

You’ll have technical from the Create Wealth Club team, as well as access to me directly. I want you to succeed, I’ve got your back!