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About CWC

Create Wealth Club is an educational community that was built with one purpose in mind: to teach action takers how to create generational wealth and reach financial freedom.

We learned over time that the only way to reach true wealth and freedom is to invest. Investing into assets that produce cashflow and appreciate in value; real estate, stocks, crypto, businesses, etc.

You have to own things to become wealthy, and our mission here at CWC is to educate you and guide you to the point of becoming a bonafide investor and owner of these assets. We offer a variety of educational resources such as 1:1 coaching and digital master courses that will teach you investing concepts step by step.

Create Wealth Club was founded by Austin Whitworth, a business owner and wealth investor who discovered the power of investing and creating passive income. He runs the day to day of CWC as well as most of the 1:1 mentorship sessions, and his main mission along with that of CWC’S is to help you create generational wealth for yourself and for your family.

Get to Know Austin:

Austin Whitworth

Founder & CEO

“Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Create Wealth Club! My name is Austin and I am the founder of the community. I started CWC in June of 2021 with one goal in mind: to teach people how they can completely change their life through investing, just as I have.

Just a few short years ago I had zero clue how to invest or start a business. I had $30k+ in student loan debt and I was a food runner and bartender out of school. I was enjoying life but I knew that it wasn’t sustainable. Working two bar jobs and missing holidays and family time over and over again was starting to wear on me. I grew up in the upstate of South Carolina and never knew much about travel or time freedom or anything like that. I just went through the motions of life and chose to be satisfied.

After college I decided to travel and live in other places. I loved every minute of it. From working for ski resorts in Colorado to living on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, I was living it up! But there was one constant issue the whole time… I was broke!

I was working so much to keep this awesome lifestyle afloat, and I knew that I couldn’t keep it up for much longer…

Thats when I turned to investing. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I KNEW investing was how the rich became rich, and stayed rich. So I ventured out mentally and started my search.

Through sheer luck I stumbled upon real estate investing, and learned about house hacking. I was able to educate and save and finally get my first property for a low down payment! That first investment propelled me exponentially and I started investing my excess savings and cashflow into other assets classes like crypto and stocks. I even started my own business!

Now I am still building my portfolio and empire, learning along the way, and sharing my journey and expertise with others.

I created CWC to help other people get to where I am, because it really is achievable for anyone. I really believe in sharing and educating a community of people who can change their lives and change the world. I still love leading the coaching sessions that we offer and I would love to connect with you!

Its time to take control of your life and become the change that you want to see! Lets get started”.

Your Goals are What Matter

No matter what your investing goals are, we are here for you! Austin and the team are available every day to answer your questions and help you reach for financial freedom.

Client Focused

Our courses and mentorship sessions are designed to help you accomplish your individual goals and are completely customized to you

Deeply Commited

Austin’s core mission with CWC is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to build your own empire through investing.

Highly Skilled

You will have access to the exact same strategies and knowledge that Austin has used to create a life of wealth and freedom.