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Courses & Guides

If you are more of a self learner who wants to take in tangible information at your own pace, then digital video courses and e-book guides may be the best path to take for you. Below are all of the master courses and digital guides that we offer. Each of these will teach you step by step how to get started with multiple investing and wealth building strategies. Check these out.

Nomad Investor’s Guide

A step by step master course teaching you how to acquire your first cashflowing rental property, no matter where you live or how much money you have. This is the ENTIRE process from A-Z!

CWC Rental Property Calculator

Learn how to properly run the numbers on rental properties to ensure that they will cashflow and not cost you money every month.

Become an Affiliate for Austin

Earn affiliate marketing income and promote these products, earn a 50% commission with every sale that you make!

“Nobody is coming to save us, it is now our responsibility to equip ourselves and our families with the proper tools to thrive and succeed in this world. Financial freedom is for us all”


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